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Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius

by Radio Repertory Company of America



Length 1 hour, 48 min.
Claudia Christian is back as Anne Manx, the Galaxy's smartest, toughest, most durable private investigator!
Chromius is a backwater world whose President Josephson has replaced democracy with tyranny. Patriots are planning a revolt to restore liberty, and Annie is caught in the crossfire and then thrown right into the midst of the struggle. Trying to help Archie (Andy Hallett,) and Wendy (Paris Jefferson), a couple of citizens caught up in the fight for freedom, the story becomes a nightmare maze of danger, betrayal, and ulterior motives. It takes all the courage, fighting skill and detective genius Manx can muster just to stay alive as things heat up -- and to figure out the shocking truth.
Action, mystery, action, danger, action, humor, action, and suspense all pile in on each other as the story grows. (Did we mention it's got plenty of action?) Great writing, superb performances, and excellent sound design are all tied together with a complete original musical score.
The Trouble On Chromius keeps your mind on the very edge of its seat!


released October 1, 2002

Claudia Christian as Anne Manx
Andy Hallett as Archie
Paris Jefferson as Wendy

Produced by Radio Repertory Company of America

Associate producer: Holly Evans

Written by Larry Weiner

Original orchestral score: Angelo Panetta

Sound Design/Editing/Mix:Angelo Panetta

Music in bar by Tom Hammer

Quincy Evans, Paul Moran, J.D. Duclos (Panetta Studios)
Allen Roth (Outlaw Sound)
Henry Howard (Atlanta)

Production Assistant:Rachel Binder

Cover Illustration: Douglas Shuler

Graphic Design: Kevin Swan

Captain Singman: Bob Arsena
Senator Williams: Joseph Daly
Shoeman: Richard Fish
Jack Reynolds:Richard Fish
Vice President McCloud: George Van Sandt
Harry Mosley: Richard Fish
Officer Mann: Mike Hand Jr.
Officer Gunn: Michael Burkett
Harper: Tom Dheere
Computer Voice: Sydney Rhoads,Tom Dheere
PA announcements: Sydney Rhoads,Tom Dheere
Senator Evans: Bob Hunt
Julie Rivers: Paris Jefferson
Lt. Rogers: Ron Knight
Boss: Anthony Aranjo
Jimmy: Frank Orlando
Willy: Ben Negreann
Bobby Jo: Daniel Shapiro
Tech: Ben Negreann
Doctor: Randy Parker
Burglar:Mike Hand Jr.
Restroom Attendant: Maya Daniels
Officer Drake: Randy Parker
Officer Stone: Ben Negreann
Bellhop: Randy Parker
newsboy: Caitlyn Seymour
Waitress: Maya Daniels
Jefferson: Doug Kaye
Penny: Marylinn Lombardo
Sergeant Layton: Tom Dheere
Senator Thompson: Nina Lionetti
Bernardo: CT Tucker
Francisco: Daniel Shapiro
Bartender: Michael Burkett
Barb: Allie Kelly
Girls: Diane Crespo, Tami Maurer
Officer Chang: Daniel Kiernan
Ticket Taker: Darien De Vries
Airport attendant: Randy Parker
Airport Guard: Mike Hand Jr.
Airport Mule: Randy Parker
More Guards: Jonathan Duclos, Michael Burkett,
Maittre D: Larry Weiner
Miester: Marylinn Lombardo
"Shooting in the ladies room": Jessica M. Gilroy
News Announcer: Michael Burkett
Diane: Darien De Vries
Taxi driver: Michael Burkett
Officer Mannion: Matthew Verost
Officer Maori: Chris Martin
Elaine: Darien De Vries
Arthur Manx: Larry Weiner
Little Anne: Caitlyn Seymour
Mother Manx: Maya Daniels
Officer Cater: Michael Pirolo
Senator James: Ann Williams
Senator Levin: Doug Kaye

Crowds: Chris Martin, Matthew Verost, Jessica M. Gilroy, Diane Crespo, Alley Kelly, Jonathan Duclos, Alyssa Duclos


all rights reserved



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Formed in 1995, Radio Repertory Company of America is an audio production company committed to the creation of original works made directly for audio.

RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.
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