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Flight of the Bumble Bee

by Radio Repertory Company of America



Length 1 hour,57 min.
The struggle between the Amalgamation and the evil Consortium heats up as rebels assault the planet Quatro Cinco. Lieutenant Nancy Coy (Marina Sirtis, 'Counselor Troi',"Star Trek: The Next Generation") is assigned to rehabilitate Kurk Manly, once the greatest and most handsome startup pilot in the Galaxy, now reduced to a staggering drunk-and put interstellar kibosh on the rebellion. Deep dark plots, bone-rattling space battles,and rollicking Airplane-flavored humor combine with a wonderful original score to make this feature-length story a treat for the ears that will sweep you away.


released October 1, 1999

Marina Sirtis as Lt. Nancy Coy
Richard Fish as Commander Kurk Manly

Produced by Radio Repertory Company of America
Associate producer: Richard Fish

Written by Larry Weiner

Original orchestral score: Angelo Panetta

Sound design/Editing/Mix: Angelo Panetta

East coast engineer: Paul Moran (Panetta Studios)
West coast engineer: Allen Roth (Outlaw Sound)
Mid west engineer: Richard Fish (Lodestone studio)

Aunt Millie Songs written by Pat Kliesch

Guitar played by Nick Berry & Paul Moran

Music in bar by Tom Hammer

Cover Illustration: Dale Hall Jr.

Graphic Design: Kevin Swan

Narrator: Bob Arsena
Poonja: Sydney Rhoads
Chief Mocca: Larry Weiner
Maynard: Cardie Mortimer
Ambassador Stonehenge: Joel Marsh
Admiral Pidgeon: Bob Arsena
Dotty/Dorothea: Diane Kondrat
Ferdie Pixel: Richard Fish
Helen: Joni Fritz
Captain Castle: S.G. Stratigos
Deep Pockets: C.T. Tucker
Sydney: Daniel Geduld
Aunt Millie: Maya Daniels
Jahar: Kevin Swan
Bingar: Tom Hollicky
Igor: C.T. Tucker
Robber: Benjamin Negreann
Bill the Bartender: Daniel Shapiro
Lt. Miller: Douglas MacKrell
Bartender : Bob Arsena
Woman in bar : Darien De Vries
Pirate: Ken Levy
Gordon: Joel Pierson
Agent: Jeremy Ring
Bellja: Larry Weiner
Ann Maury: Bridget Hozumi
Creeper: Bob Arsena
Theo: Doug Bost
Guard: Jeff Ward
Jailer: Max Kinkle
Tech support: Neil Duclos
Douglas MacKrell, Mathew Reiffe, Darien De Vries,
Jason Golf, Benjamin Negreann
Bjorn: Robert Pashman
Commander Kramer: Mathew Reiffe
Commander Stoddard: Douglas MacKrell
Commander Packer: Jason Golf
Commander Hamilton: Benjamin Negreann
Commander Harrington: Darien De Vries
Commander Jones: Daniel Shapiro
Computer Voice: Dorinda Duclos, Maritza Panetta, Maya Daniels
And featuring Max Kinkle as the second Narrator


all rights reserved



Radio Repertory Company of America New Jersey

Formed in 1995, Radio Repertory Company of America is an audio production company committed to the creation of original works made directly for audio.

RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.
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