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Anne Manx on Amazonia

by Radio Repertory Company of America



Length 2 hours.
On Amazonia, succession to the throne is simple. The Queen (Barbara Harris) is simply cloned, thus avoiding all manner of complications. When the queen's first clone is found to be imperfect, it is discarded and they try again... but the first clone survives. When that clone goes to Earth to get the diamonds she needs to run the cloning machine back on Amazonia (which can repair her imperfections), she seeks out Anne Manx (Claudia Christian), the finest Private Eye in the galaxy, and enlists her help.
Anne Manx faces more than a grumpy Queen and her addled clone, as the evil Richmond (Pat Tallman) returns to make her life much more dangerous. Manx must defend the Amazonian Queen's first clone, return some stolen diamonds, and face a very painful part of her past. Does Anne Manx have the courage to continue? Let this digital production take your mind to Amazonia to find out. Great writing, superb performances, and excellent sound design are all tied together with a complete original musical score.


released October 1, 2005

Claudia Christian as Anne Manx
Patricia Tallman as Jean Richmond
Guest starring Barbara Harris
as The Queen and Spunky Brandburn

Produced by Radio Repertory Company of America

Associate producer: Holly Evans

Written by Larry Weiner

Original orchestral score: Angelo Panetta

Sound Design/Editing/Mix: Angelo Panetta Paul Moran

Music in bar: Paul Moran

Engineers: Paul Moran (Panetta Studios) Asst engineer: Kim Scimeca (Panetta Studios) Derek Lipman (Video Box Studio)

Cover Illustration: Douglas Shuler

Graphic Design: Kevin Swan

Helena: Heather Donnelly
Dr. Hanley: Bill Hemberger
Rollie: Dick Hehmeyer
Mother: Alyson Cohn
Paul Rogers: Ron Knight
Quigley: Bob Arsena
Jack Reynolds: Richard Fish
Doctor: Bob Hunt
Fence Man: Bob Hunt
Simpson: Larry Weiner
Woman: Maya Daniels
Jones:Greg Feldman
Kelly: Richard Bongurio
Loopy: John Curcio
Moseley: Daniel Shapiro
Maloney: Michael Burkett
Mallard: John Vera
Johnson: Sydney Rhoads
Bartender: Bill Hemberger
Zorgon: Dick Hehmeyer
Sam McCoy: Tom Dheere
Harry: Greg Feldman
Pilot: Tom Dheere
Benson: Dick Hehmeyer
Guard: Josh Oberndorf
Guard: Jon Duclos
Guard: John Vera
Guard: Kevin Swan
Computer: Sydney Rhoads
Bill Roberts: Dick Hehmeyer
Mail Carrier: Dick Hehmeyer
Waiter: Tom Dheere
Allison: Christine Nagy
Botox doctor: Dick Hehmeyer
Drunk Stanley: Dick Hehmeyer

Crowd: Michael Burkett, Angelo Panetta, Larry Weiner, Tom Dheere, Bob Arsena, Jon Duclos.


all rights reserved



Radio Repertory Company of America New Jersey

Formed in 1995, Radio Repertory Company of America is an audio production company committed to the creation of original works made directly for audio.

RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.
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