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The Adventures of Red Cloud

by Radio Repertory Company of America



Length 1 hour,50 mins
Wendy McCloud (Traci Elizabeth Lords) is ordered into Anger Management Therapy. But it's not much help when pirates murder her father, Planetary President of Chromius. Now that Anne Manx has left, Chromius still needs someone else just as smart, relentless, incorruptible...and sexy.
Telling Elaine (Brinke Stevens), Wendy abandons her career in the oldest profession for a new job: spy! Going underground as "Red Cloud," she infiltrates the inner circle around vicious Jake Bloom (James Leary), the greediest outlaw in the sector. "Red" risks her life to avenge her father and end a reign of terror engulfing the whole quadrant.
Red blasts headlong into a tight orbit of action, caught in a terrifying nebula of deception, sex, robbery, extortion, torture, mass murder, and even (dare we say it?) insurance fraud.
Radio Rep Company's latest production pulls no punches. Taut writing with tongue in cheek, splendid performances and superb production, all wrapped up in a magnificent original score.


released October 1, 2004

Traci Elizabeth Lords "Blade"
James C. Leary "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Brinke Stevens "Haunting Fear"

Produced by Radio Repertory Company of America

Associate producer: Holly Evans

Written by Larry Weiner

Original orchestral score: Angelo Panetta

Sound Design/Editing/Mix:Angelo Panetta

Paul Moran (Panetta Studios)
Derek Lipman (Voice Box Studio)
Henry Howard (Atlanta)

Production Assistant: Darien De Vries

Cover Illustration: Douglas Shuler

Graphic Design: Kevin Swan

Hardaway: Ken Levy
Sean Buford: Randy Parker
Counselor: Bob Hunt
Gloria: Lindsay Brusco
Anger patient: Michael Burkett
President McCloud: Dick Hehmeyer
Sammy: Dennis Brito
Reporter Allison Miller: Sydney Rhoads
Judge: Bud Stafford
George: Kevin Crawley
Doctor: Richard Fish
Out of the box operator: Darien De Vries
Harold Winston: Ken Levy
Chief Fox: Brian Feldma
Rudin: Joe Curran
General Beane: Bob Arsena
Maj. Russel: Ben Negreann
Dorothy Spellman: Donna Coney Island
Arthur Bloom: Larry Weiner
Bartender: Paul Weiner
Johnny Jack: Daniel Shapiro
Maj. Rutledge: Doug Kaye
Sandoval: John Shaho
Call girls: Diane Crespo, Kristyn Grasing, Michele Faye, Sheri Brummond
Janine: Victoria Casalla
Peg Leg: Sydney Rhoads
Billy Bob: Michael Burkett
Pres. Weldon: Ken Levy
King: Ben Negreann
Mr. Pres.: Bob Arsena
M.C.: Ken Levy
Soldiers: Bob Arsena, Michael Burkett, Mike Hand Jr.
Bluto: Bob Arsena
Sergeant Borden: Tom Dheere
Sodonian Soldier: Ben Negreann
Pres. Andrews: Ken Levy
Mr. L: Bud Stafford
Lieutenant Nelson: Ken Levy
Private Rhoads: Ben Negreann
Swarthy: Mike Hand Jr.
Jailers: Michael Burkett, Ken Levy
Saleswoman: Sheri Brummond
PA woman: Darien De Vries

Crowd: Diane Crespo, Chris Martin, Kevin Crawley, Kristyn Grasing Tom Dheere, Angelo Panetta, Larry Weiner, Paul Weiner


all rights reserved



Radio Repertory Company of America New Jersey

Formed in 1995, Radio Repertory Company of America is an audio production company committed to the creation of original works made directly for audio.

RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.
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